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So I’ve been back in school for a year now and it’s been tricky balancing working full time and school but it’s definitely worth it.

For one class, our final assignment, we had to create a toy inspired by a designer and my group was given Ray and Charles Eames. I was familiar with their chairs but I hadn’t really looked at their work beyond that. They are a super fascinating couple, the line between life and work was basically non-existent their home itself was an original Eames creation.


Trying to design a toy based on the Eames work turned out to be more difficult than I had originally thought as they have created some really beautiful games already, the House of Cards being the most popular.


Ray and Charles Eames « House of Cards »

With my team members, we went with a block design, just calling it « The Blocks » in classic Eames style. We did run into several production issues and had to revise the design. It was a steep learning curve as none of us had really produced anything outside of printed products. We made our blocks of wood… it was a very different material to work with.


We documented the entire process in a notebook and took many photos of the experience. Working in the wood shop turned out to be a lot of fun and even though the final product could use some tweaking, we were all ultimately really satisfied.


Read the Full Notebook >

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