Astral Out of Home


Presentation Documents

Creating presentation documents is one of the most grueling and fun parts of the job. So much work, but in the end, the final product is so satisfying! I worked on many of the internal pages of the document, mockups to explain the proposal and the cute little tags attached to the briefcases.






Icon Design

As the Astral product line grew, we needed to find ways to represent our products more efficiently. I was in charge of designing the icons for each division or product.


Mobile Design

While working on a mobile platform I was asked to submit a version of a mobile site that followed the brand guidelines for the company. This was one of my favourite projects.


Creative Review Newsletter

I was responsible for creating a monthly newsletter to share some of our most creative projects.


Television Interface Design

Designing and interface to include weather and news broadcasts along side of the content.


UX Design

Developing an interactive production form to create an online database and automate the production of technical specs.